Alexander Michl Photography

I am an Iowa based Engagement and Wedding Photographer

I get to witness the most important moments of peoples’ lives. I get to see how two people come together in love. They spend many months if not years planning all of the details and coordinating every last item so one day can be remembered for a lifetime. I’ve never taken that lightly. I love its opportunity and I love its reward. I also love the experience of crafting together a series of images that speak to those moments of bride and groom. These images provide a narrative, a story that bridge a connection to those moments as time goes by.

I offer an artistic style with a traditional twist. I try to capture the most intimate of moments without intruding. I love the raw emotion, and always cater to a timeless natural approach to their day. 

I offer myself on the wedding day. I am a sincere husband who understands the strain and stress of planning a wedding while also knowing the joys of a beautiful marriage. I appreciate the slightest of smiles because of the emotion behind them. I'm a Christ follower, a music creator, a rock climber, a leathermaker all because I'm fascinated with creation. I'm thankful for it. I want to align my work with what a bride and groom care about most. I love to capture their love.