A Bohemian Fairytale Wedding - Bethany & Josh


It was three days before the wedding and I receive an email in all caps “WHAT IF IT RAINS??”  No bride ever wants to imagine her special day dampened with unsightful weather. What came from terrifying uncertainty turned into a day she wouldn’t trade for the world.  And I had the honor of capturing it all.  It was amazing.

The rain started the day before around 2:00pm.  It was as if the weather anticipated the importance of the day and held no grace for any of it.  It was constant.  It was persistent.  It was an element no one agreed on.  It was Bethany and Josh’s foresight in picking La Poste,an amazing venue in Perry Iowa, that gave the wedding the exact look and feel they wanted.

This was a beautiful wedding.  Bethany’s vision of a Bohemian-styled celebration was unrestrained through all the details.  The centerpieces and flowers were enchanting. Her dress was a custom-made lace bohemian style gown complemented with a flower crown.  The venue reassured the ambiance with its rustic and classy elegance.  The intimacy was enhanced with all of their closest family and friends uniting in the historic postal office.

After the simple ceremony, the real magic of the day gave way.  I asked the brand new husband and wife if they would be willing to capture a few moments outside.. -in the rain.  They replied “Let’s do it!”  With umbrellas in hand and their enthusiasm, we transformed the dreary outdoor weather into a fairytale-esque background.  The streetlights illuminated the water-soaked stone paving and in the center of it all were Bethany and Josh, the beautiful bride and groom.  It was amazing.

The night continued with dancing and celebrating when we got back to La Poste, and everyone was excited for the new couple.  For a day that started in insecurity and doubt came a wedding that was more beautiful than any of us could have imagined.  It’s a wedding like Bethany and Josh’s that I truly love what I do.