A Des Moines Morning Wedding - Kayla & Jeff

‘What would it look like if we did a wedding that started at 10:00 am?’  I have been asked a plethora of questions while sitting down with many brides and grooms, but Kayla and Jeff threw one out there that caught me by surprise.  In any case, I knew it would be something completely new and I was excited.

I’ve known Kayla and Jeff individually through a handful of other weddings we’ve been to, board game nights and running into them before and after church. When they asked me to be their photographer, I was all in. I get excited when a bride and a groom can't take their eyes off each other, or when they can’t stop laughing together. It’s satisfying to peer through the lens of my camera and see nothing but true, genuine love. Kayla and Jeff were that, but on top of it, they wanted nothing more than to show their love on their wedding day.

With a 10:00 am ceremony, we began photos at 6:45. Everyone involved in the wedding rose to the occasion and took delight in the day, regardless of how early the morning came. This set the pace for the rest of the day and I came to see how selfless and gracious both Kayla and Jeff, as well as their friends and family truly are.


After we took some bridal portraits at the church while the wedding party was getting ready, we made our way to the Hall of Laureates, World Food Prize. The building and grounds are absolutely beautiful and it was a backdrop that Kayla and Jeff had pictured for their wedding day.  We started on the grounds with a First Look. It was in the moment that Jeff first saw Kayla in her wedding dress that their genuine love once again took over. I insisted that they hold onto this moment and I escaped away to capture it from afar.  


One of my favorite parts of the day was when we started exploring the venue during couple portraits. It was a back and forth game of letting them reflect on each other while capturing beautiful moments, and watching Jeff make Kayla laugh with his wonderful expressions. The light poured into the spaces and created a series of dynamic environments for Kayla and Jeff.

Prior to the ceremony, family and the wedding party gathered around Kayla and Jeff to pray over them. It was a beautiful moment to witness how God was already using these two, but it was even more amazing to think of how He will use them together as husband and wife. It was captivating to the point in which I just had to put my camera down for a moment.

The ceremony was beautiful and their first kiss (which was naturally a hug out of habit) was something they’ll remember forever. The rest of the morning was filled with congratulations and a myriad of brunch delectables. As the celebration winded down and guests were leaving, I couldn't help but ponder how in such a condensed amount of time there could be such an overflow of love grace. I’m thankful for Kayla and Jeff, and the love that they have. It will most certainly last a lifetime. Thanks for inviting me on your journey!