A Des Moines Sunset Wedding : Amber & Chad


It was a wonderful moment when Amber and Chad asked me to be their wedding photographer.  I was so excited because I walked away from an hour long meeting at Starbucks thinking "they are almost too good to be true".  I was mistaken.  The engagement session and wedding that followed only came to prove that they were a couple who loves each other so well.  


After talking with Amber and Chad about where they would want engagement photos, we headed out to a more natural scene. The diverse landscape, lakefront and deep forests of Jester Park in Granger, Iowa made for the perfect location. 

The wedding day came and I could tell there was a heightened sense of energy with everyone involved. The Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden was energized with the transformation from a tourist spot to an amazing wedding venue with beautiful decor and staff that understood the gravity of this once in a lifetime event.

We started with getting ready photos of Amber and her bridesmaids.  Things were falling perfectly into place for such a wonderful wedding.  

I loved Amber and Chad's take on the "First Look".  The couple didn't want to see each other until Amber walked down the aisle (which I completely respect), but Amber had the unique idea to do a First Look with her father. Just from looking through the camera, I knew the father in front of me was so proud of his daughter, and that I was photographing a daughter who would always love her dad. 


The moment that Chad saw Amber walking down the aisle, I knew the ceremony would be emotional. Chad teared up and I could see the love and excitement between the two. The downtown skyline of Des Moines provided a stunning backdrop to the ceremony on the boardwalk of the Des Moines Botanical Garden.

One of my favorite parts of being a wedding photographer is witnessing the first moments of the couple as husband and wife.  Throughout every point of their wedding day, the love between Amber and Chad was undeniable.

The rest of the evening was filled with excitement, laughter and dancing from all of the family and friends that supported Amber and Chad. The speeches tugged on heart strings, adding to the beauty of the day.  

I managed to pull Amber and Chad away from the reception for about 2 1/2 minutes to capture a special moment they could cherish from their big day. We made our way to the garden's dimly lit walkway and I asked them to pause and take a moment with each other. What came next was one of my favorites for the day.  


Amber and Chad's wedding under a Des Moines sunset turned out to be an amazing day, incredible evening and unreal night. It's couples like these two that drive me to do what I do. 

Thanks to everyone involved, and thank you, Amber and Chad.  

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