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An Elegant Mid-Summer Wedding - Mikaela & Frasier

When we arrived and greeted the bride and groom, we had no doubt that this couple’s excitement for the day wouldn’t be outdone by the heat. What resulted was one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve been honored to photograph. Mikaela and Frasier, you two are incredible.

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A Wonderful Walnut Creek Wedding - Heather & Greg

One of my favorite types of weddings I get to photograph are the Walnut Creek Weddings. Walnut Creek is the church I’ve found over 5 years ago.  My life’s been completely different since then, because of the community of people found under the roof there. No doubt that Jesus Christ was the one who changed me completely, but these people, this body of believers are the ones whom I’ve experienced it all with.  And one of the biggest celebrations of Christ is at a Walnut Creek wedding. They are beautiful, but this isn’t about me, it’s about one of my favorite couples.

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A Des Moines Sunset Wedding : Amber & Chad

It was a wonderful moment when Amber and Chad asked me to be their wedding photographer.  I was so excited because I walked away from an hour long meeting at Starbucks thinking "They are absolutely too good to be true".  I was mistaken.

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