A Wonderful Walnut Creek Wedding - Heather & Greg

One of my favorite types of weddings I get to photograph are Walnut Creek Weddings. Walnut Creek is the church I found over 5 years ago. My life has been completely different since then because of the community of people there. No doubt that Jesus Christ was the one who changed me completely, but these people, this body of believers are the ones whom I’ve experienced it all with. One of the biggest celebrations of Christ is at a Walnut Creek wedding. They are beautiful, but this isn’t about me, it’s about one of my favorite couples.

Heather and Greg attend the 5:00 pm service at Walnut Creek Church and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know them through mutual friends at church. In fact, it was at Kayla and Jeff’s wedding in which Heather was the maid of honor for Kayla. Heather came to my side more than once to help out and now, for her wedding, Kayla is the matron of honor.

One of the best elements of a Walnut Creek wedding is the fact that I get to work with a similar wedding party over and over again! As time goes on, friends grow. The couples that were dating are now getting married, the married couples are having kids, and the parents with kids are having more kids! It’s a treat to see it all unfold.

The wedding was at Stoney Creek Inn in Johnston, Iowa. As the ladies were getting ready, I quickly snapped some images of Heather’s wedding day details. One of the details that shows the personality of Heather and Greg was their shoe attire. The hi-top converse all-stars were the coolest on the dance floor and Heather and Greg couldn’t have looked better.

I love all the small moments that unfold on the wedding day. It's beautiful to witness the emotion and the sincerity of the family and friends involved. Heather and Greg's wedding was no exception. Watching the interaction between her and her dad made me tear up a few times.

In Kayla’s Matron of Honor speech, she mentioned how polar opposite her and Heather were. She described how they cater to different preferences and tendencies. I think I saw this most prominent in their weddings, yet the union of Christ is the visible common thread among all of these great people.

Heather and Greg’s wedding was one in which serving others was their goal. Most brides want to have the spotlight, but Heather just wanted to serve and love on those closest to them. I have never been so considered in a wedding as I was in Heather and Greg’s wedding. It was a ceremony, a day, that truly showed the love they have for each other and everyone they know. Thank you so much Heather and Greg!

If you are wanting to learn more about Walnut Creek Church, click here! It would be awesome to see you there!