A Perfect Alumni Wedding - Maggie & Lachlan


I easily fall in love with what I do each time I shoot a wedding. It’s not only a once in a lifetime event, but I get to do it over and over. Despite its repetition, it doesn’t get old. That’s because each time I meet two people getting married, they are one of a kind. I mean that with the utmost sincerity. They obviously have different backgrounds and preferences, but the heart of what they want for their life is always different as well.

Maggie and Lachlan are no exception. They wanted their friends and family to witness their coming together, and of course, wanted the day to go smoothly. However, what they wanted most of all for their wedding was to display the love of Jesus Christ.

It’s the most apparent thing Tyler, my second photographer, and I noticed throughout all aspects of the day. From the minute we got there to the last photo in the sunset, Maggie and Lachlan were knitted together by something more than each other.

One thing that makes a wedding unique is the bridal party and guest list. Every person at the wedding was handpicked to be a part of this amazing moment in the couple’s life. These are the people that mean the most to them, family and friends that played a role in making them who they are.

The people even closer than that are those who are standing up with you as you take your vows. Maggie and Lachlan’s witnesses were a cut above. Just in the small conversations, it became apparent how deep their relationships with the bride and groom went. Those kinds of relationship will always produce beautifully unique images.

The venues also played a huge role in their wedding. The majority of the day was set at Lifepointe Church in Ames. I’d heard of it, but it wasn’t until midway through the wedding when I saw the kind of people that made this church. Immediately willing to serve, laugh and love each other in joy.

The reception didn’t fall short either. It was held at the Alumni Center at Iowa State University. While it was ideal for photography (thank you white walls) it was, more importantly, a pillar in who Maggie and Lachlan are. They came to know each other there. It’s where Maggie works through Chi Alpha, an outreach for students to follow Christ. In fact, the whole wedding party came to know each other through Chi Alpha.

I could tell how big of a role it played when Maggie asked to take a photo in front of the Alumni Center’s Iowa State signage. It was wonderful, not just because I’m an alum, but because their wedding day means more to them because of the people and places involved.


Overall, the day was about the covenant made to God before a congregation that loved and supported them. There was so much joy in their wedding and I’m truly grateful to have been a part of it. Thank you so much Maggie & Lachlan. You two are great!