An Intimate Chapel Wedding - Brooke & Adam


There’s something special when two of your really great friends come together in marriage. Knowing them both individually as a brother and a sister in Christ, and then seeing them join together as one was amazing to witness.

Being the last wedding of 2017 in Des Moines, Iowa, the weather in December was a delightful surprise. In the low 50s with a sunset worthy of the end of summer, Brooke and Adam get an ‘A+’ for picking the perfect day. The venue of Living History Farms sets up a combination that’s unbeatable. On the grounds was a small, beautiful chapel that set the stage for the whole day: intimate affection. It was perfect for Brooke and Adam. Everything fell gracefully into place.

More than the venue and the weather, it was everyone involved that made this wedding one to love.  My wife was a bridesmaid, the wedding party was filled with friends from our Bible study and the officiant was the best man at my wedding. All of the family that came needed a minimum introduction. Brooke and Adam love people.  They love people with their full hearts and it’s the reason they were surrounded by so much love and support as they stepped into life with one another for God’s kingdom.

One of my favorite moments was the time I had with Brooke and Adam as they saw each other for the first time. I met with Adam beforehand and there is something so sincere about a groom with butterflies before he sees his bride. Brooke couldn’t have been more excited to tap him on the shoulder. It’s moments like these, unaltered and still captured, that give me joy in what I get to do. It’s a beautiful thing.

I mentioned earlier how wonderful this mid-December day was, and it couldn’t have been more apparent as the sun was setting over the open fields of Living History Farms after they said “I do” in the chapel. We were given a beautiful backdrop for a beautiful couple. The sun slowly fell and the first moments of Mr. and Mrs. Foust were captured sincerely. It was wonderful.

This was a wedding that couldn’t have ended the 2017 wedding season any better. I'm so thankful that I got to end it with an amazing brother, Tyler, as my second shooter, right by my side. I ate dinner with my closest friends, danced into the night with my wife and captured this once in a lifetime ceremony of two beautiful friends. Thanks so much, Brooke and Adam, for letting me be a part of your beautiful celebration!