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A Midwest Scenic Sunset Wedding

When Tyler and I arrived at Andrea and Justin’s venue in Denison, Iowa, we knew exactly why they chose this setting for their day. The Stables at Copper Ridge were absolutely beautiful. Off a small two lane road sits an old barn that has been manicured to fit the setting of a beautiful movie. Chairs were set up outside of the venue and the ceremony overlooked the rolling hills of what I can only describe as ‘Iowa’.

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An Elegant Mid-Summer Wedding - Mikaela & Frasier

When we arrived and greeted the bride and groom, we had no doubt that this couple’s excitement for the day wouldn’t be outdone by the heat. What resulted was one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve been honored to photograph. Mikaela and Frasier, you two are incredible.

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Five Qualities To Look For in Your Wedding Photographer

While you’re on the search for a photographer, it’s important to partner with someone who will ease your stress and turn the anxiety of not knowing what’s next into full confidence and understanding of your wedding vision. As a photographer, here are five qualities I present to my clients to ensure the wedding process is seamless from start to finish.

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