A Midwest Scenic Sunset Wedding

When Tyler and I arrived at Andrea and Justin’s venue in Denison, Iowa, we knew exactly why they chose this setting for their day. The Stables at Copper Ridge were absolutely beautiful. Off a small two lane road sits an old barn that has been manicured to fit the setting of a beautiful movie. Chairs were set up outside of the venue and the ceremony overlooked the rolling hills of what I can only describe as ‘Iowa’.

The owner, Laura, completed the vision she and her late husband set out to accomplish by transforming the horse barn into a surreal venue to celebrate life’s biggest events. They succeeded. Yet, the venue was just one aspect of what made Andrea and Justin’s day so special.

One of my favorite parts of the day was seeing how close Andrea and Justin’s families were. Whenever two people come together whose families are already well acquainted, there’s a new level of celebration. The excitement, energy and support was amazing to witness. This came not only from their families, but from everyone who stood up with Andrea and Justin. The wedding party was made up of sisters, brothers and friends old and new.

Once the reception was underway, I glanced out the window and could see what was about to take shape: an amazing sunset overlooking the rolling pastures. The clouds produced an array of beautiful colors as the sun made its way to the horizon. I quickly asked Andrea and Justin of they wanted to step outside for a quick minute. They obliged and with the help of Tyler, we captured images that will last their lifetime.

It’s moments on the wedding day like this one that I strive for, because the day goes by so quickly. To be able to hold onto a moment and look back on it, time and time again, is one of the reasons I love this opportunity. Thank you Andrea and Justin, and all of your family and friends for making it such a great day!