An Intimate Vineyard Wedding - Keely & Caleb

From our first conversations, I could tell Keely and Caleb’s wedding was going to be a celebration specific to them. They both are kind hearted and funny, not afraid to be who they are. Their aim was a wedding that didn’t get caught up in the small details, or exact timelines, but a wedding that when you reluctantly left, your face hurt from smiling and laughing the entire time. Their celebration exemplified a lighthearted and intimate celebration centered on the guest list instead of a checklist.

Intimate is the keyword. When I arrived at the venue, I quickly realized how intimate the wedding would be. There was something much different than a wedding in Des Moines. The setting for the ceremony was nestled within the tressels of a vineyard and the reception, a renovated barn, both in the heart of rural Iowa at Backcountry Winery. Preston and Amber, the married couple who own and run the venue, were as genuine as the clients they bring in. It was a perfect match for Keely and Caleb, and made the perfect background for the start of their journey as husband and wife.

As the night went on, the sun started falling towards the horizon and the three of us took the opportunity to capture images that will last a lifetime. It was one of those moments that I just held up the camera and pressed the shutter. They were so in tune with the moment and each other that they completely forgot that I was there.

I couldn’t have been more excited for Keely and Caleb to invite me into their wedding day. I met their families and can easily see why they have full hearts. I’ll never forget when just before the ceremony, Keely’s dad turned to me and said “Isn’t she beautiful? I couldn’t be more proud to walk her down the aisle”. Moments like this are why I love what I do. Thank you Keely and Caleb. I’m so happy for you both!