A Des Moines Country Chic Wedding


I’ve known Rachel and Brandon for some time prior to their wedding. The three of us go to the same church, Walnut Creek - check it out! They are easily two of the most sincere people I know and when they started dating and got engaged, I knew they were going to make an amazing couple!


I really got to know them as we set out across Des Moines for their engagement session. We started in the East Village and right away, I knew they loved to be together - laughing and enjoying every minute. From the very first set of photos I captured, I could see how much they loved each other. The session continued and we came away with images that set the tone for their special day.

When the wedding day arrived, I bounced back and forth between the groomsmen relaxing at Brandon’s dad’s house and the bridesmaids getting ready in the bridal suite of the Keller Brick Barn. The venue was perfect for an outdoor ceremony and the reception in the barn was amazing.

Everything from reading letters from one another to the first look down the aisle caused many tears - all in the best way. You could easily tell that everything - the prep, the coordination, the gathering of family and the support of friends was all for this.

Rachel and Brandon’s wedding stands out, not just because I got to capture all the moments and memories of so many close friends, but because I got to be a part of what God was doing in their lives. He brought them together and will lead them through a marriage that will beautifully honor Him. How could I not love this? Congrats, Rachel and Brandon!

It’s always an honor to celebrate two people coming together. If you’re looking for someone to capture all the best parts of your wedding, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d be honored to do so. Thanks!