An Iowa Wedding with a Bohemian Vision


I sat down with Meaghan and Matt for the first time at a microbrewery in Ankeny, Iowa. It was a quick meeting because it didn’t take long for the three of us to realize how great of a fit we were for each other. A simple glass of craft beer and a casual, easygoing conversation about what their wedding might look like was inspiring in and of itself. I knew the process would be fulfilling from that moment on. I soon came to realize that it was the first instance in which I experienced Meaghan’s attention to detail and intuition for beauty.

I later made the trip up to Woden, Iowa to photograph their engagement session on Megan's family land. From start to finish, it was a wonderful time. Megan's mom fed me cookies as we chatted in the kitchen while Meaghan and Matt finished getting ready for the session. As I was talking to them about where to start, Megan's dad pulled me into the computer saying, “come check this out”. I followed him and he showed me an old, crinkly scanned photograph of his grandparents and family standing in front of what looked like a large metal shed. He turns to me and says “That’s the crop-duster hangar we’re standing in front of.” He turns and points out the window and says “It’s that same one right there.” Meaghan, Matt and I started the session by photographing on the land that’s been in their family for a number of generations.

This was just a small nod to how the entire wedding experience would be - filled with family, close friends, stories and layers of history of these two families coming together. So many close people worked together to make this day happen. Matt’s mom beautifully decorated the venue, Country View Acres, from top to bottom. Matt and a few guys from his wedding party smoked all of the meat for dinner. Countless hands went into making this a day that Meaghan and Matt would remember forever. Meaghan pulled together a beautiful bohemian theme that was accented with succulents and neutral tones.. yes!

The whole wedding day came together at sunset. It was something that really sets the day over the edge - a mini session as the sun goes down. Meaghan and Matt held each other as husband and wife as the sunlight wrapped around them at Country View Acres.

From the moment I met Meaghan and Matt and throughout the entire wedding, I could easily see why they had so many close people gathering to celebrate their marriage. It was an absolute honor to document a day like this one.

As of recently, Meaghan has taken her amazing design skills to a new level with her company, Wood Narratives! Beautiful handmade wooden signs and organic baby clothing all made in North Central Iowa.


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