Wedding Ideas You'll Love in Every Midwest Season


One of the biggest anxieties a bride and groom can have is the weather on their wedding day. Each season is drastically different, yet offers amazing opportunities. If you’re searching for simple and unique ways to match your wedding style with the season, I’ve got you covered! Check out these wedding ideas and tips for each season, because seriously, it’s the Midwest and anything is possible!

SPRING: Spring weddings are both beautiful and popular, but also run the risk of rainy weather on the big day. Embrace the rain by incorporating stylish rain boots or umbrellas into your wedding. After all, they say rain on your big day brings good luck. Often in spring, many locations that may go unnoticed during the rest of the year come to life with blossoming and blooming orchards or flowers. Other spring wedding trends involve vine covered arches, fresh greenery and an array of seasonal flowers.

SUMMER: With temperatures soaring during the summer season in Des Moines, Iowa, summer weddings can be uncomfortable for guests at times. Although it’s the best time for an outdoor wedding, it’s a good idea to ensure there’s an alternative area with cover or shade. Make sure everyone is cool and comfy by serving icy treats such as popsicles, ice cream or whipped creations. Some couples may choose to provide fun sunglasses or elegant paper fans as favors for guests.

FALL: Fall time in Iowa is simply magical! To set the scene for a fall wedding, ask your Iowa wedding photographer to snap a couple shots outside among the leaves. The changing tree colors are unbelievable. Wedding photography in Des Moines during the fall makes for unforgettable memories among a changing natural landscape. For decor, consider incorporating pumpkins or gourds, or have the flower girl sprinkle leaves instead of flower petals down the aisle to bring out those brilliant fall colors.

WINTER: Winter wedding photography in Des Moines can get tricky with the cold weather, but no matter where you tie the knot, some trends are universal. For example, try opting for velvety textures or incorporate leather into your ensemble. Shawls or fur accessories can add a touch of elegance while ensuring you stay warm. Although stepping outside might be cold in the moment, capturing photos in the fresh or falling snow will make your photos look like a winter wonderland!

If you need a little more inspiration or direction when it comes to wedding photography, you're in the right place! I love working with Des Moines and Iowa couples to turn their vision into a reality. As a seasoned wedding photographer and Des Moines resident, I’m happy to offer skill and knowledge of the area to capture the best parts of your day and create photos that last a lifetime. 

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