An Iowan Wedding + Video - Kelsey and Craig

Videography from Kelsey & Craig's wedding when shooting hybrid photo and video for their Des Moines wedding


When I first met Kelsey and Craig, two things stuck with me more than anything else. First, they were the biggest New England Patriots fans I’ve ever met (congrats on the W this year) and second, they couldn’t be more in love if they tried. Their relationship is one that I look forward to seeing blossom and grow. Kelsey and Craig got engaged in Central Park when they were in the area to see a Pats game. Talk about a way to set things in motion! From that point until their wedding, an amazing journey started.


Kelsey is someone who loves to take advantage of all of the special moments. I could tell she approached situations with the mentality “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth remembering.” I can definitely relate and it’s the reason why I feel so comfortable with a camera in hand. Understanding Kelsey’s vision made me excited to capture the smallest details that would have the biggest impact.

When Kelsey discovered that I do videography as well, they decided to add video to their wedding package. I was so excited to capture their story not only in images, but in motion as well, and to allow Kelsey and Craig to revisit these moments for anniversaries to come.


Their wedding unfolded in late fall and their prayers were answered because it was one of the most beautiful days of the year. Every tree was filled with amazing fall colors and matched with a 72 degree day to remember.

Right away, I could tell how close Kelsey and Craig were to the friends gathered around them. These people were their squad and would do absolutely anything for them. The ladies made sure Kelsey was touched up from dawn to dusk and the gentlemen always had Craig’s back.


Everything from the first look outside of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church to the aerial photo session on the greens of the Hyperion Field Club was as beautiful and extraordinary. Toasts were given with tears and laughter was abundant. Tyler and I had our work cut out for us because it was one special moment after the next.

Everything came together for Kelsey and Craig’s wedding and it was a day they’ll remember forever. Thank you so much, Kelsey and Craig! You two are amazing and I’m thankful to have captured it all!