A Des Moines Wedding for World Travelers


One of my favorite aspects of every wedding is experiencing the theme that the bride and groom incorporate throughout their day. For some, it’s bohemian with lace and metallic details. For others, it’s a classic approach with black tuxedos and a magnificent church. Marie and Cody cultivated a unique theme based on one of their passions: travel.

When I learned that Marie and Cody were avid travelers, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Des Moines would be the setting for their wedding. Before getting married, Marie and Cody lived all over the world and have since moved to Portland. They chose the Rollins Mansion in Des Moines for their venue, which added to the beauty of their story. I’m just thankful I could capture the whole thing.

Throughout the day, I kept learning little insights about Marie and where she’s been. Her closest friends shared anecdotes of her traveling with the Costa Rica volleyball team. Her dad filled me in on his trip to see her play in the championship in Japan. Marie and Cody met in Iowa, but had their first date in Amsterdam, followed by an engagement in Paris.

Their story is global and their wedding brought all these far-away friends together in Iowa. Marie and Cody not only brought everyone together, but included them in the celebration as well. Marie’s brother officiated the ceremony as her host family’s daughter played the violin throughout the occasion. Everyone came together as if there was no distance between them and I kept meeting the most interesting and sincere people as the night went on. Everyone had genuine love and support for Marie and Cody.

I love meeting new people and hearing their unique stories. As a photographer, I also love seeing stories form in front of the camera. This was one of those occasions where I had the opportunity to do both. Marie, Cody, thank you for such a beautiful celebration. I wish you both the best, wherever you go!